Deviating slightly from my normal posts, I thought I’d share how our apartment search is going in the spirit of one of our favorite programs: “House Hunters International”. (We are obviously in no way affiliated with HGTV or the House Hunters International show, this post serves only as an entertaining means to share our apartment viewing experience!)

On this episode of House Hunters International: Meet Michael and Ashley, a young couple transferring their residence from suburban Overland Park, Kansas to the bustling, captial city of New Delhi, India.

Michael, who works as a operations manager for a global cellular network provider, and his wife Ashley are looking for a place that meets the company’s budget while retaining some of their familiar western amenities.

They’ve been given 30 days to find a place they like, which may seem like plenty of time, but in a city of 22.2 million people, finding an apartment that gives them breathing room may be easier said than done.

Their wishlist: They have requested to see flats located on the top floor for safety and privacy. They’re hoping to find a three to four bedroom apartment with updated bathrooms, a nice balcony or private terrace to get away from the busy city-life, and a kitchen with plenty of cabinet space for all of Ashley’s cooking and bakeware.

Will the “Land of Color” present more cultural barriers than they bargained for? And will they be able find a place that agrees with their tastes and with their company’s budget? Or will they have to make some big adjustments in their expectations?

Their real-estate agent, is an Indian native and experienced in working with expatriates and foreigners. She has selected properties for them to look at located throughout the New Friends Colony, Maharani Bagh, and Defense Colony areas. Let’s take a look:

Apartment #1: The “Sweet” Balcony
The first flat today is located in Maharani Bagh. The property is seven years old with three bedrooms, three baths and 2,000 square feet. It’s nestled in a quiet location near the fly-over that connects directly into Noida, where Michael will be working. Maharani Bagh is a calm area and home to a relatively large retirement community. Michael and Ashley seem to think they’ll get a long well here, but what will they think of their first property in this foreign place? (Click on the pictures for a larger view)

(Yes, that would be a man peeing in some bushes in the top-left corner
of this photo.)
Outside of the property.
Just inside the property, the flat we’ll be
seeing is on the second floor.
The entry way and front door.
The main hallway. Living and dining area (the wiring is for an AC unit).
Master bedroom Master closet room.
Master bathroom.
Balcony outside of the master bedroom. (Connected to Guest Bedroom #1)
Additional views outside of the balcony.
A grassy area on the ground floor of the property.
Guest bedroom #2 (pic 1). Guest bedroom #2 (pic 2).
Guest bathroom #2 (the appliance attached to
the wall is a water heater, every bathroom will
have one).
Terrace and servant’s quarters (terrace has option for our exclusivity).

Their Reactions:
Michael: “This place had a sweet balcony!”
Ashley: “The bedrooms are on the small side, and I’m not in love with the kitchen, but it has potential.”

Apartment #2: A Peptol Bismol Paradise
Property number two comes with three bedrooms and three baths and 2,100 square feet. It’s a top floor flat settled in the posh district of Defense Colony. Real estate comes at a premium here as foreigners and Delhitians alike flock to the area for it’s updated apartment floor plans and amenities. Nearby Lajpat Nagar is a favorite market among locals and the proximity to some of Delhi’s most popular restaurants makes this an ideal location. But will an appealing location be enough to overlook some of this property’s more “colorful” qualities?
The entryway and main living area.
The prison bars outside the kitchen.
Somebody let the landlord know, they missed this room.
Bedoom #1.
Bathroom #1.
Bedoom #2.
Bathroom #2.
Bedroom #3
Bathroom #3 (pic 1).
Bathroom #3 (pic 2).
Their reactions:
Michael: “Well… chalta hai.”
Ashley: “It looks like Holi came here and celebrated pink all over the walls.”


Apartment #3: The Penthouse
Situated in New Friend’s Colony, apartment number three has four bedrooms and four baths with 2,800 square feet of space. Another top floor unit; it includes a common roof-top terrace for the building. New Friends Colony is a less lively area than Defense Colony, but still conveniently located near to the DND-Flyover Michael will use on his commute to Noida. But will the want for larger private balconies and possible water damage keep Michael and Ashley at bay?
Entry gate leading onto the property.
Parking garage on the ground floor.
The door for the stairwell and lift, taking you inside the building.
Front door and entryway.
Living or dining area.
Looking back on the living and dining area facing the front door.
Kitchen. More of the kitchen (look to the ceiling, above
the cabinets for possible water damage).
Prayer room. Hallway coming from the bedrooms, looking
back towards the living room, kitchen and
front door.
Bedroom #1. Bathroom #1.
Bedroom #2. Bathroom #2.
Bedroom #3. Bathroom #3.
Bedroom #4. Bathroom #4.
View of the roof-top terrace (common and not exclusive).
Another view of the rooftop terrace.

Their reactions:
Michael: “I like this place, it has a good feel and layout.”
Ashley: “Me too, I think it’s been my favorite so far. I’m just really concerned about the water damage in the kitchen.”


So which one will they choose? Apartment one has a convenient location, three bedrooms and an accommodating personal balcony. But Ashley isn’t too keen on the bedroom sizes or age of the building.

Apartment number two had updated bathrooms and an unique open kitchen into the living area. But getting the walls repainted may be prove to be difficult in negotiations with the landlord.

And lastly, apartment number three was a spacious top floor unit, complete with updated bathrooms and an appealing layout. However, it lacked the balconies Michael and Ashley were hoping for and the  prospect of water damage in the kitchen may turn out to make this property more trouble than it’s worth.

Find out after we return…

7 comments on “House Hunters International: New Delhi Blog Edition”

  1. please choose 3rd, given there is no water damage that could later become problematic…and I will be coming to live with you..LOL. I WISH! but seriously what a fantastic layout, such a great place. Good LUCK!

  2. Shadia! Yeah, we are pretty much in love with apartment number 3. We’re hoping the water damage issue can be resolved before we move in – we certainly don’t need any mold problems!

    And we will have rooms to spare, so come on over, rover 😉

  3. Great post! I love 1&3! Those floors and the glass! Just beautiful. Excellent writing, it reads just like house hunters. And now the suspense! Can’t wait to see which you all decide and how it will be decorated! Love you guys 🙂

    Oh, and lol @ the guy in the bushes!

  4. Thanks Eddiemae! House Hunter’s International is such a neat show. And the narrator’s voice was playing in my head the whole time I wrote this post, lol.

    We should hopefully hear something this week on the apartments and be able to make our final decision. Miss you – we really need to Skype soon! <3

  5. Hi there!! I don’t know if you got my skype voicemail yesterday, but I thoroughly enjoyed this post. 🙂 (But then again, when do I not enjoy them?) It reminded me SO much of HHI.. lol. Josh and I watch that show all the time!! Anyways, I hope the 3rd flat works out for you guys, and I hope the water damage can be fixed and isn’t major. I was pretty shocked looking at these pics – they all look so nice!! (minus the pepto bismol walls!) Haha, too awesome. Miss you guys and hope we can chat soon! <3

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