So three weeks and twenty-five apartments later (yes, we actually looked at twenty-five apartments), we think we finally have a new place to call home.

As of this morning, Michael’s company notified us that the two additional apartments we submitted were accepted and approved. Still not clear on a move-in date, but we anticipate within a month we will be able to move into the apartment we put down as our first choice. (Pictures and/or video to follow soon).

Michael also received an email update on our ocean shipment of personal belongings. So, if like us, you want to know where in the world our stuff is, click here to track the progress of our cargo vessel, the OOCL Atlanta!

The estimated date of our crate’s arrival in Mumbai is December 14th. So, that’s cutting it a bit close to Christmas, which means we may be waiting until the absolute last minute to make definite plans for coming home.

For now, I’ll leave you with a video that will totally rock your day… Never forget you are a representative of the living God to the glory of His Son, Jesus the Christ:

(You can find more of Pete’s videos here and follow his blog by clicking this link.)

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