Several weeks ago, I had been spending quite a bit of time whining and complaining about living here in Delhi. After a few minutes of going on and on, God finally asked me: “What will you do when you don’t have India to blame anymore?”

So I quickly thought back to all the other occasions in my life where I’ve went looking for people or things to blame. Talk about an unattractive personality trait.

I started to wonder where that came from and why I always felt the need to look outwards for scapegoats.

I traced a lot of it back to a feeling of helplessness and lack of control.

In the case of being here in India, I feel completely at the mercy of the people, the places and the culture. I don’t always know where I’m at or how to communicate my needs to those around me, so I feel frustrated and defeated.

When we were in Rome, we had to figure out how to use the underground metro system to get around the city. As we were sitting on the train I thought to myself, “No one else is going to do things for you, only you can be responsible for how you live your life.”

It’s no different here in Delhi. Yes, this is a hard place to live. Yes, it’s hard to learn the language. Yes, it’s hard to know whether you’re being told the truth or not. But in the end, no one else is going to figure all that out for me. No one else is going to step in and take over responsibility for my things for me.

Michael and I deliberately chose to move to Delhi. Over the course of a year, we made decision after decision that enabled us to come and live in this place. We had even visited Delhi on 3 different occasions before we accepted the offer to come here. We knew what we were getting ourselves into. (Well, maybe we didn’t know about that one part about not touching your dishwasher after the geyser pipe bursts water all over the place. One word: Electrocution.)

I don’t want to be like the servant who intentionally chose to bury his talent in the ground, and had the audacity to blame the Master for his own actions. I can’t go on blaming India, or anyone else, for all my problems and discomforts.

If I’m not stewarding this season here well, it’s time for me to stop shifting the responsibility on others and start asking myself why.

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