Singapore Skyline
View of Singapore’s skyline from Marina Bay.

Michael and I just got back from Singapore this past Sunday.

I liked Singapore. In so many ways it’s a complete 180〫from Delhi. For it’s size and population density, there’s hardly any traffic or pollution. And the amount of greenery is amazing.

It’s really impressive to see how they’ve made the most of the limited space and resources they have.

But for all the things I liked about Singapore, I enjoyed the time we spent with a couple of our friends the most.

It made me think about the value that relationships have, and how without relationships, our lives are incredibly empty.

Dinner and dessert with some friends.

No matter whether we’re in a pristine a city like Singapore or a chaotic scramble like Delhi, life is only meaningful when it’s lived out in relationship with Jesus and those around us.

I confess, I’ve left Jesus out of a lot of my traveling experiences. So despite how much I’ve enjoyed all the places we’ve been able to visit, without Him, I’ve only been appreciating them at a superficial level.

But Jesus is more alive than any man and the only one who truly knows how to live life to the fullest. If He’s not the focus, what’s the point?

If I really want my heart to be fully alive and living in the present, I need be in relationship with the Lord and invite Him into my experiences abroad.

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