Fellowship I think one of my favorite things to do is to hang out, drink coffee and talk. I like getting to know someone and hearing what they have to share about their views on culture, life, and spiritual things.

When we were in San Diego at a friend’s wedding. We didn’t know anyone there except the groom and one of the other groomsmen, but it was refreshing to be around so many people our age who also had deep relationships with the Lord.

It was almost like being around family members we had never met before.

During the rehearsal dinner and reception, I had the time to share my heart with total strangers. And there were others there who, when they found out we lived in Delhi, seemed to genuinely sympathize with our struggle.

It brings tears to my eyes even now as I think about it.

These were people who were interested in more than just a superficial exchange of information. They wanted to spend the time connecting and getting to know one another better.

And it made me wonder: Why is it that I can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and walk away feeling this strong connection with them?

I think it has something to do with how available we make ourselves to getting to know a person.

We have lots of culturally acceptable places and times for conversation: at a bar, in a restaurant, at family gatherings for the holidays, etc.

But if we just decided to extend those times beyond designated intervals, and instead decided to live a lifestyle of being available to others, I wonder what would happen?

I guess it’s the same way with Jesus too. We don’t come to know Him in our states of busyness or activity, but in times of quiet and rest when we just sit and “waste” time visiting with Him.

I want to “waste” more time getting to know people. And I want to “waste” even more time getting to know Jesus.

Can you imagine that in heaven, we’ll have all eternity to “waste” time getting to do both!

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