Mussorie Forest
A forest up in the foothills of the Himalaya’s near Mussorie.

Whenever I think about home, it’s the trees that I miss the most. I just love being in environments where there are lots of trees and vegetation.

I admire trees for their enduring nature.

I like to think of them as silent, steadfast guardians.

Whenever we would drive from Kansas City to Houston, there’s a place just past Madisonville, Texas that’s filled with old pastures and oak trees. The kind of old oaks that grow wild, with low, outstretched branches.

They’re beautiful.

There’s another place, just outside of Michael’s parent’s house, that has amazing trees.

I love thinking about the drive through the windy road that takes you to their neighborhood. The trees grow right up to the road and in the autumn and spring they’re the prettiest.

Trees provide us with so much, but it’s their beauty and enduring nature that I’m the most thankful for.

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