I’ve been really disappointed by how many of my brothers and sisters of the Church in America have responded to this election and various other political issues. So many seem to have entrusted their hope in an earthly kingdom rather than their own true and eternal Kingdom.

The Church is not some harlot that should be selling her Body to men in exchange for profit. She is the Body and Bride of Christ! Yet she has bent her knee to the god of politics and let herself be used as a political tool for worldly gain.

Many have given themselves over to man-made agendas even though they’ve already been given the most glorious political Commission of our age from the King himself. They’ve cast their Kingly charge aside in exchange for lesser and more self-serving ideologies that will be eventually be forgotten.

They have settled for feeding on crumbs and scraps under the table like dogs, when they could be dining at the table of the King like royal children.

And that is what we truly are: Royal children of the King of Kings. We are Saints by His blood. It’s our new nature in Jesus that causes us to act differently and have different values than the world. But Jesus didn’t give us our new nature so that we could change our culture by imposing laws, condemning the world and lording it over everyone.

He gave us our new nature, so that in love, we would serve our enemies – political or otherwise.

You feel like you’ve been wronged by the government? So what? Is it not better to be wronged? Grow up brothers and sisters and step into your role as ambassadors in chains for the Good News of Jesus!

Learn to die to yourself and love your self-made enemies!

I’m amazed by how many Christians have expressed that they’re “heart broken” over this election.

Really? You who claim to love this country, yet are willing to abandon it on a whim because the person you disagree with was elected president? Not to even speak of the fact that you adulterously placed so much faith in one man to be the “savior” of a kingdom you’re not even of anymore. Wake up my brothers and sisters!

Your citizenship is in the Kingdom of Christ and He is the only Savior worthy of placing all your hope. You want to know what you should be heart broken about?

Every time you cursed our president instead of praying for him and his family. Every time you judged someone living under the bondage of a poverty-mindset on welfare rather than helping them see they were above that. Every time you yelled “baby killer” at the scared girl who went to get an abortion and didn’t bother to put your beliefs where your mouth is by offering to help her and her unborn baby. And for every time you tore down the gay kid in school who grew up wanting to be loved, instead of loving him and showing him that his identity wasn’t attached to his sexual preferences.

Because those were the things on the Father’s heart.

But you would have known that if you cared more about what was on the Father’s heart than you did about being right and advancing your own self-serving political agendas.

Is this not the fast He chose: “to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?” (Isaiah 58: 6)

And to those who take Old Testament scripture out of context to “prophesy” wrath and destruction over America (which is really no prophesy at all): We are not living under the judgement of Old Testament anymore! And prophesy is not for the tearing down, but for the building up. You are doing nothing more than agreeing with the Accuser of the Brethren (the devil) by declaring these sorts of judgements over your country. If you knew the Father, you would know He desires that none should perish but that all would be saved. Wake up and agree with the heart of the Father!

God made a New Covenant with us when Jesus was crucified on the cross. The Old Testament laws don’t apply to us anymore. The only thing the Old Testament is good for is to show that since the beginning of time, God has been pointing the whole world to His Son, Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ lived the life you could never live and perfectly fulfilled every commandment given in the Old Covenant. So the wrath of God was satisfied on the cross and Jesus is now your righteousness. The blood of Jesus speaks louder than the blood of Abel. That’s what’s so beautiful about the Gospel of the New Covenant.

So it’s irrelevant to point back to Old Testament judgments and stories of God pouring wrath out over “backslidden nations” and apply it to American politics (not to mention incredibly geocentric and silly — as if America was all God had on his mind when he wrote the Old Testament. Please!)

And who cares whether 200 years ago our founding fathers were Christian or not? Even if they were, (which there are just as many reasons to believe they weren’t) there have been countless other things that I’m sure would have made their heads spin in the last 200 years, so I highly doubt they’re rolling over in their graves over this particular election.

The fact is that, now and today, we have a Church who has fallen asleep and instead of taking responsibility for it, we’ve decided to do what Adam did in the garden, and we’ve taken up blaming everyone else: Liberals, Gays, Atheists, Planned Parenthood, Muslims, CNN, people on welfare or whoever else… I’ve forgotten all the others because, sadly, Christians in America are well-known for hating a lot of people.

So now these Christians who have being slandering and cursing our president through emails and whatever else under the guise of religious self-righteousness and “prophesying” the downfall of America have all the sudden decided, “Ok, now we’ll really pray.” What?!

So because this election didn’t go your way, you’re all shook up and have decided that now it’s time to pray? Why pray now when you’ve dedicated so much time to agreeing with the devil and stirring up dissension? Why start now, when the whole time what you should have been doing is getting off your butts, going outside your “sacred” four-walled buildings as Lights to the lost and revealing the Father to the fatherless!

If anyone is responsible for the state of our nation, it’s the Church (that means you and I).

Jesus told us that we’re the Light and Salt of the earth. He told us “You go to them.” If a culture isn’t where we want it to be, it’s our own fault!

The Church in America is so self-absorbed in advancing her own political agendas and  arguing over petty theological differences that she’s forgotten what it means to love. We’ve forgotten our brothers and sisters in China, Laos, Sudan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even here in India who are too busy being tortured and killed for spreading the Good News of Jesus the Christ to care whether or not the government passes man-made laws in their favor.

We have forgotten how to deny ourselves, seeking the heart of the Father and spreading the domain of His kingdom over all the earth.

Anyone who seriously believes that a single representative of a political party can change the direction of a culture in four years is trusting in an irrational and false hope.

There is only one Man who can change the direction of a culture, and He’s living inside of you. And He’s not stopping at changing the culture of America, but complete world-domination. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, that the Lamb who was slain for our transgressions is the King of Kings. Amen!

America, as much as the whole earth, needs the radical, limitless, earth-shaking love of Christ. Not gay-hating, abortion-bombing, picket-sign-protesting Christians who are adulterously worshiping the idols of “Right-wing Conservative” or “Left-wing Liberal” politics.

Wake up oh Sleepers! Wake up my brothers and sisters! The time of the Lord is upon you! Cast down your crowns of self-righteousness and political ideologies. Give up this chasing of the wind! Get on your knees and wash the feet of the poor! Touch the untouchable! Love the unlovable! Then you will see a real and eternal change, and not just in your country, but for the Kingdom of God! The King of Kings is living inside of you and all of creation is groaning, waiting for the sons and daughters of Jesus to throw off their worldly garments and reveal the blood-soaked robes of The Lamb!


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