I totally love my little Kindle.

It wasn’t until I was in the middle of reading Lord of the Rings and I was lugging around such a massive book while we were flying once, that I saw the benefit of owning an “e-reader”.

It’s been incredibly convenient to throw our Kindles in a bag and be on our way. Not to mention how much weight we’re saving toting around our Kindles verses a few books.

And we’ve found another advantage since moving to India: most of the books we’re interested in can’t be found here, but we can still purchase them online over Amazon and have them wirelessly delivered to our Kindles.

I also really like being able to highlight and type notes as I read. I know you can do that with an actual book (and sometimes I still prefer to have an actual book for that), but it’s really nice when I’m on the plane or in the car bouncing around and I can just type out some thoughts.

And I could be imagining things, but I think because of it’s accessibility and portability, I actually read more than I did before.

I know some folks like the LCD screen, but since it can be so hard on your eyes, I really prefer the Kindle’s electronic ink screen. It’s definitely designed for one thing and it does the job well.

After Michael, my Kindle is my favorite travel companion. I never go anywhere without it. (Wow, why don’t I just write up a commercial while I’m at it!)

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