Last night Michael and I had dinner at friend’s house up in Kansas City. Before we moved to India, we had become really close (or as my friend would say: “supernaturally close”) to these guys in a short amount of time.

I don’t remember the exact story of how we met them, but I think Michael was at the mall praying for people’s legs to grow out and they just so happened to be walking by and overheard him: “Leg come out in Jesus’ name!” Not exactly something you overhear everyday at the mall, so they stopped to check out what was going on and eventually exchanged info and we’ve been in touch ever since.

It’s hard to describe how comforting and reassuring it is to be away from them for so long, but still being able to pick things back up right where we left them off. It’s like we never moved away.

As our conversation went on through the night, I somehow wound up talking about my various spiritual struggles since we’ve been in India. I didn’t have to think about it, it just came out naturally. And I think in the same way, they didn’t have to think about sharing in my sorrow, they just did out of the overflow of their heart.

I have a lot to think about from our conversation last night, but there was one statement that I’ve been mulling over all day: They both agreed that even though it may feel like we were just complaining, they actually felt life in our expressions of sorrow. What felt like death and a “dismantling” to Michael and I, brought them life and hope.

What reason could there be for that other than we both have the same Person living inside our hearts and communicating what words cannot express? It’s so evidence of how much God longs to be connected with our hearts through Holy Spirit and through those He has made our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I don’t know what picture God is painting overall, but when I stand back and look at how Holy Spirit transforms an ordinary friend into a brother or sister, I am stirred. And I am shaken by how tremendous and invasive Jesus is.

I’m reminded of a verse from a song called “Bread & Wine” by Josh Garrels:
“If I fall, I fall alone, but two can help to bear the load
A threefold chord is hard to break
All I have I give to you if you will share your sorrows too,
Then joy will be the crown upon our heads
My friend”

By the time we left our friend’s house last night, I felt lighter and reassured. I don’t know that anything in my situation has changed, and I still don’t feel hungry for God, but at the same time I feel a peace. Which is both confusing and all right at the same time.. It’s like I know that this is just for a season.

This morning I decided to listen to that song “Bread & Wine” and I connected with it in a way I hadn’t been able to before. I know it’s because the night before I had experienced the exchange of life and love the song talks about. I’d like to share a video of it with you with the lyrics posted below.

I’m slowly learning that we were never meant to live life apart from others. There is no shame in sharing a sorrow with a friend. Being vulnerable is how God “flexes His muscle”, as pastor and author Gregory Boyd might say, and it’s the place where we see Jesus fully expressed in His Body.

I was wrong, everybody needs someone, to hold on
Take my hand, I’ve been a lonesome man, took a while to understand

There’s some things we can’t live without,
A man’s so prone to doubt,
Faithful are the wounds from friends.
So give it just a little time,
Share some bread and wine
Weave your heart into mine,
My friend

Walls fall down, where there’s a peaceful sound, lonely souls hang around
Don’t be shy, there’s nothing left to hide, come on let’s talk a while

Of the places we left behind,
No longer yours and mine
But we could build a good thing here too
So give it just a little time,
Share bread and wine
Weave your heart into mine

If I fall, I fall alone, but two can help to bear the load
A threefold chord is hard to break
All I have I give to you if you will share your sorrows too,
Then joy will be the crown upon our heads
My friend

2 comments on “Thankful Thursdays: My Brothers And Sisters In Christ”

  1. My friend…
    1. I read this post the other day and loved it. Just now RE-reading it and listening to the song for the first time.
    2. I love the song. Totally descriptive of our time with y’all. I absolutely LOVE it.
    3. So, so thankful for your friendship. Love how God “weaves” hearts together and how we experience Him in and through each other. Your heart and your friendship are precious gifts.

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