Lately, I’ve been really irritated by conversations that focus on how spiritually dark everything is.

I don’t feel like talking about boycotting Starbucks for supporting gay marriage, or how evil our government is, or how lost we are as a nation. I never really enjoyed talking about that stuff in the first place, but most the time I could be patient enough to listen. Now it’s just annoying and distracting.

Michael said that when we moved to India, it was like stripping away the support beams we used in the US to hold up our faith. We saw the real quality of our relationship with God and how much we depended on other things to keep it from falling over. But now that we’re back, a lot of those same spiritual support beams that I used to depend on just annoy me. It’s like eating dessert again for the first time after not eating sugar for months – you have one bite and it’s so sweet that it almost makes you sick.

What bothers me the most are statements that you can’t argue with because they’ve been made to sound ulta-spiritual or like the other Christian is just a helpless victim:
…Got a flat tire on your way into work? Watch out! It’s probably a level five demonic attack.
…The finance board at church didn’t approve the funding for a new church sign? Oh no! Better pray for God to soften their hardened and self-serving hearts.
…Non-believing co-workers don’t feel like they can go out to lunch with you anymore? Don’t worry, they’re lost anyways. What do they know?
…Have a Christian friend who thinks organizations that do nothing but sit around and pray twenty-four-seven are not being obedient to Jesus’ Great Commission? Guard yourself. They’re probably back-slidden and secretly practicing witch-craft!

I don’t think most Christians realize what they’re communicating when they hide behind these kinds of silly spiritual rationalizations. Sometimes stuff just happens and life changes. And I DON’T believe everything happens for a reason. Excuse me for saying it, but it’s really just spiritual bullshit. Really, it is.

And nothing good is ever going to come from having an “us verses them” mindset. It’s not sharing in the mind of Christ or in His victory. It just fear-based thinking. We’re supposed to be soldiers, not distracted by civilian affairs. Anything that isn’t motivated by and working towards the Love of Christ is a hellish distraction.

It’s funny how things change over time. There was so much spiritual filler in my life before going to India… whether it was riding the apologetic wave one minute or the charismatic wave the next. But the older I get the more I care about protecting my relationships than I care about being right. Everything else is just drama. And who needs that?

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