In June Michael and I went on a seven-night Alaskan cruise for our five year anniversary. Coming back from India, it was an awesome way to hit the reset button and enjoy a part of the world largely untouched by man.

The pictures we took will not do Alaska justice. Everywhere you looked there was something spectacular to see: humpback whales, mountains, bald eagles, waterfalls, sea lions, icebergs the size of semi trucks and as bright blue as the sky. The air was some of the purest on earth – so pure, people actually experience giddiness after breathing it for extended periods of time.

Every evening for dinner we sat with the sweetest group of people. They all had military backgrounds and had travelled the world. We have stayed in touched with them since the cruise. My heart was so full by the end of our trip. Just a really, really refreshing experience.

After making our way through Tracy’s Arm Fjord, the naturalist on board asked passengers to write a haiku or short poem to summarize their experience that day. Later on he was reading a few of the submissions, and one passenger wrote a single sentence to describe the fjord and glacier. All it said was: “Today, I found my soul.”

My heart was totally wrecked.

How marvelous and beautiful our God is… He fashioned this world in so much love and it’s his delight to watch us enjoy it.

Anyhow, pictures! You want to see pictures!

This first batch of pictures is from our first and second day on the cruise (click the images to see them in full size):

Whale watching in Juneau:

Hike to Mendenhall Glacier and pictures from downtown Juneau:

Skagway and White Pass Mountain Train Ride:

Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier:

Ketchikan, Victoria and Seattle:

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