I hang on to cards. Like as in all of my Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, Anniversary, and Thank You cards.

DIY Card BinderBut for someone who can’t stand clutter, this is a problem.

So on the regular, I end up having these very serious internal debates over what to do with all my cards:

OCD Ashley: “Ashley, hanging on to stuff that you never even look at because you think it could potentially be valuable one day is symptomatic of A&E level hoarding.”

Hoarder Ashley: “No, no, no. These cards are actually special to me.”

OCD Ashley: “Ashley, that’s what all hoarders say.”

Hoarder Ashley: “*GASP* You’re right. Ok, but I seriously can’t throw them away. I might want to look at them someday and reminisce. If I could just keep them in a little stack there in the corner underneath my bed eventually I’ll do something with them…”

OCD Ashley: *Silence*

Hoarder Ashley: “Never mind. Call A&E.”

The STRUGGLE ya’ll. It’s real.

So I did what any sensible, obsessively-organized person in my situation would do: I got on Pinterest and sought the wisdom of fellow clean-freak, blogging SAHMs and SAHWs. It turns out I wasn’t the only one experiencing this very pathetic real first-world problem and there were others out there, like me, who needed help.

Before doing anything, all of the cards needed to be sorted by occasion. This task filled my organization tank overflowing.

#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder

After they were sorted into piles, I centered and hole-punched each card.

#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder

I purchased these book rings and this foam board to make the binders. I cut each piece of foam board in half (one for the front cover and one for the back cover).

If you’re of the crafty persuasion, you probably already have a lot of left-over scrapbook paper. These left-over sheets are perfect for covering the foam board so it’s all nice and Martha-Stewarty.

#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder

When the glue dried, I measured and punched holes in each foam board cover so they would line up with each stack (book) of cards.

Then I did some doodles accordingly. (Instructions for “fake modern calligraphy” can be found here and here.)

#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder

So that’s it. Pretty easy huh?

Doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be functional. I’ll be adding more cards to these binders over the years so it’ll be fun to actually look through them from time to time.

Bonus: I’ll no longer struggle with guilt for “hoarding” my cards in Ziploc bags inside Sterilite tubs under the bed.

#HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder #HousewifeInsights DIY Card Binder


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